How to Exfoliate in Winter

Harsh winter winds make your face dry and dull. Exfoliation is one of the best ways to restore the glow of face. It clears off dead and flaky skin from the surface, bringing out fresh skin and making your complexion brighter.

The tricky part of exfoliation in winter lies in its frequency. Skin experts suggest exfoliating one or two times a week.

One thing that you must be careful about is skin irritation. Sometimes, irritation may cause dullness and flakiness of skin. In this condition, skin requires extra moisturization, not a scrub session. Never exfoliate irritated skin; you may worsen skin condition. Simply moisturize.

How do you tell the difference between skin that is dull and dry due to irritation and that due to accumulation of dead cells?

Irritation, generally, accompanies with some redness. On the other hand, skin screaming for exfoliation will be plain dull.

It is important to choose a good exfoliating product. Don’t settle for a mediocre exfoliator. Many women skip the important step of exfoliation and start applying makeup on a surface covered with dead cells. You cannot achieve natural, fresh glow without clean skin.

Fresh skin provides a good base for makeup. Natural glow is more attractive than coating your skin with layers of foundation and tons of blushers to achieve the rosiness.

Avoid those harsh scrubs that leave your skin ‘tortured.’ Try microdermabrasion cream. Its reviews are amazing. It offers gentle, yet effective exfoliation, leaving your skin hydrated, clean, and fresh with a lovely glow.


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